Domain Menada Ltd. is located in one of the oldest Bulgarian cities Stara Zagora, heir of the ancient Augusta Trayana, located in the center of southern Bulgaria, at the foot of Sredna gora. Historically, the wine-making tradition in this area dates back to ancient times. The area around Stara Zagora is considered by European archaeologists to be a cradle of human civilization. Evidence of this, dating back 8,000 years ago, was discovered during archaeological excavations in the city itself, where ceramic vessels were found among the remains of two well-preserved Neolithic residences. These excavations also found remains of grape seeds dating back to the 5th century BC. This is taken as evidence that grapes were processed into wine from these times.

Since Thracian times have remained many monuments with wine-making motifs - votive plates, vessels and applications with Dionysian scenes. A unique glass is found here with the image of a dancing figure of the menada. This is a Greek mythology person who cares that Dionysius' cup does not remain empty. This find has also given the name of the Company.

The region is characterized by temperate continental climate. Unique value here is the local air current, which prevents the colds from being held during the winter months, which is why there are rarely frosts here. Temperatures are favorable for the accumulation of enough sugar and acids to add harmony and softness to the wine.

In addition to the climate and cinnamon forest soils are particularly suitable for the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, which after 1970 began to be massively planted in the area of ​​the villages of Oryahovitsa, Dalboki, Kolena, Hristeni and other massifs Southern slopes of Sarnena Sredna Gora At present, about 80% of the vineyards are planted with these varieties. The remaining 20% ​​are with the white varieties Dimyat, Aligote, Ratscitelli.

Stara Zagora Wine-growing enterprise was established in 1947 on the basis of the two large cooperatives "Loza" Stara Zagora and Sila in the village of Oryahovitsa and another fifty small wine warehouses that existed in Stara Zagora.

In November 1994 the cellar was privatized. This is the first privatized enterprise in the wine sector in Bulgaria.

Since 2002, Domain Menada has been in the structure of the French company BELVEDERE GROUP, leader in vodka and owner of many brands, one of which is Sobieski. In 2004, the winery was modernized with a project funded under the SAPARD program.

Domain Menada Ltd. includes a primary wine cellar, workshops for stabilization, bottling and packaging of wines. There is also a modernly equipped chemical laboratory for the analysis of the wines produced.

Data on the soil - climatic conditions in the region: The soils are cinnamon - forest, medium - sandy - clayey; Deluvial - rocky and alluvial - delluvial - slightly sandy clayey.

The relief of the area is intersected, inclined to the south. The slope ranges from 30 to 60. The altitude is 170 to 260 meters.

The climate is moderate continental. A characteristic feature of the temperature regime is the rapid warming in the spring and the late fall in autumn.

Details of the vineyards from which the wine-cellar vinifies: The main vineyards are located in villages Elhovo and Mogilovo, about 18 km from the town of Stara Zagora. The following white varieties of vineyards - Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semiyon, Muscadel and Violet are found. From the reds - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Pty Verdo.